A new Social mapping for housing in Ljubljana

Rakova Jelša neighbourhood. Photo: http://www.delo.si/novice/ljubljana/milijone-za-kanalizacijo-pricakujejo-do-jeseni.html

Housing cooperative Zadrugator from Ljubljana presented a new case of Social mapping. It is an interesting collaboration between public housing fund, a cooperative and students of various faculties with a focus on a particular (and infamous) housing neighbourhood Rakova Jelša in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In the study (click here), they wanted to find out, what public infrastructure and services are needed in Rakova Jelša and what are the factors that lower the quality of life in the neighbourhood. The study would represent the first step in Rakova Jelša towards participatory design of public space. It was done by students of University of Ljubljana, Public housing fund of Ljubljana Municipality, and housing cooperative Zadrugator.

Public housing fund of Ljubljana Municipality (JSS MOL) and Zadrugator will build non-profit housing for various target groups in Rakova Jelša. Therefore the coordinated development between the two is of key importance. While the neighbourhood lacks public spaces and infrastructure is in disarray, the new constructions are an opportunity to (re)establish a dialogue between dwellers and urban planners.

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