Urban Education Live: How changing the role of universities can enhance urban equality

Shafayet Choudhury from JPI interviews Panu Lehtovuori from Urban Education Live team Tampere about the project:

”More people than ever before obtain a university education, but certain communities, such as the working class and ethnic minorities, are sometimes underrepresented in the university system. Ideally, universities should serve the needs of all members of society. However, universities shouldn’t wait for disadvantaged communities to come to them. Instead, they should go to them with the type of education they need.  Urban Education Live (UEL) is a project that aims to provide alternative strategies for teaching marginalised communities outside the university environment. It has conducted research in Salo in Finland, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Bucharest in Romania, and Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Panu Lehtovuori, the project’s coordinator, tells us about their findings…”

For full article click here.


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