GOODO (an innovative social enterprise from Taiwan)

Our team member Matjaž Uršič is currently in Taiwan as visiting researcher, where he is exploring innovative approaches in the field of “urban regeneration” …now we are going to publish his latest report about an interesting multi-stakeholder local hub called “Goodo”.


»Goodo« is an excellent model of bottom-up community based social enterprise in Taiwan that combines various actors in the field of crafts, social activism, photography, arts and architecture. Being based in the historic city centre of the oldest Taiwanese city named Tainan, it tries to preserve both tangible and intangible elements of its historic heritage by not only putting them on display but also by integrating them into the daily life of its citizens through various types of their uses.


Goodo is a synergic project that includes local communities, city municipality and university, which gives to the project a strong input in terms of “use of knowledge” and personnel resources. The Goodo functions as the neuralgic point of local community and supports its unique social network structure while preserving cultural practices, crafts, and various forms of social activism present in the area.

For more information see the example of tailoring section of Goodo: 



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