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The Association for Urban Transition (ATU) is a Romanian non-governmental organisation with 16 years of experience in projects involving diverse spatial settings: historical centres, collective housing estates, slums, green infrastructure, rural micro-regions, brownfields. We function as a think-tank and work on defining methods, encouraging encounters and exploring alternative means of disseminating knowledge through art, public engagement and academia.


ATU role in UEL is to develop social mapping methods to document local patterns of urban change. Drawing from our experience with Urboteca, a mobile lab for public engagement with urban development travelling around Bucharest’s neighbourhoods, our fieldwork establishes a baseline of indicators tracking change, while also building up an urban agenda for the neighbourhood. The resulting social mapping tool will help on-site interventions such as establishing local hubs (arrival strategy), as well as evaluating progress throughout the project and across UEL partners.

Work Package 2 Bucharest

– focuses on social mapping as local outreach and establishing a baseline, building up a local agenda with goals and indicators. The goals both serve to determine what to do but also where to do it – establishing local Hubs in various ways.

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