Jens Brandt

Architect MAA

Architect MAA after studies of architecture in Copenhagen and Berlin, Weissensee Academy of Art.

Teaching at the School of Architecture, Tampere, Finland and working with European partners on the UEL project РUrban Education Live:  collaboration between universities and communities. Researching the topic of urbanity to produce new theory and methods of how to create cities that are more open and dynamic.

My field of work can be described as a cross-connection between the build environment and public sphere. A place/presence based approach has formed my career in a number of ways. Working as a planner, facilitator, designer, artist and activist from large scale (Oresund region) to a very local scale: facilitating processes that strengthen weak communities (social housing in the suburbs of Copenhagen). Co founder of Supertanker, a Copenhagen based network working on the borders between action research, process design and urban development.