UEL:LJUB presents: The benefits of University collaboration within “University – Community Partnerships” (UCP)


Short overview of the benefits of University collaboration within ”University – Community Partnerships” (UCP) by Primož Medved from the centre for Spatial Sociology, the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana.
The general, broad aim of this presented article (in the video) is to demonstrate and explain why it is beneficial and advantageous for local communities to involve universities in their local community based projects and why the university can be of use in local projects. The goal is to propose concrete suggestions/arguments that could stimulate the transfer of the universities’ accumulated knowledge/know-how to local (urban) community projects in order to overcome the challenges of contemporary cities. Based on a multiple case study analysis of relevant “university-community partnership” (UCP) projects in Europe we have attempted to explicitly and concretely answer the question “Why is it recommended to involve the universities in local community-based projects”. With a case study analysis of urban community-university partnership, it was possible to develop concrete arguments, which could be interpreted as recommendations that could be used/applied in future urban community-university partnerships and at the same time could stimulate the establishment of new partnerships. This article as a whole represents an attempt to bring to light the as yet unexploited but considerable potential of universities, which should extend their focus (metaphorically and physically) outside the purely academic sphere and magnify their powers / capabilities within local university-community partnerships.