Zerodha Ib Agreement

Again “unethical”. I want to post good articles explaining Zerodha on my blog and place reference links in between. Users shake the links and join as a trader in Zerodha, are they okay? While Nulldha services are good as a customer, I think I made a mistake when I joined as an associate partner. Zerodha doesn`t care about their associated partner, so better stay a customer, hi I recommended my friend by calling Zerodha by phone on May 15th and asking the Nulldha representative to fill it out as my recommendation. now, on August 20, he opened an account. Now the sales manager who tells me before the opening of 3 months will fall under the recommendation. If it exceeds 3 months, it will fall under Zerodha. This has not been mentioned anywhere in your articles. What do I need to do to make this my recommendation? I also noticed that Zerodha warns the trader via SMS when he exceeds his margin so that he can add additional funds or close positions. This should not happen if the transfer was made by Q.

Can you send an email to partner[at] The team will have this reviewed and corrected as soon as possible. The biggest shame of this whole scenario is the pressure for this absurd restriction by brokers like Zerodha and a few others. Brokers must represent their clients, not remove them. I really like Zerodha and Nithin. But now that Zerodha does not have a new competitive advantage and the rules of the game are balanced for most brokers, i.e. less brokerage, a good platform, reliability, etc. That is how you are trying to move forward. This is perhaps the only explanation for Nithin`s chauvinistic love for this limitation.

The logic provided is that no one can stop Zerodha because Clint comes to Zerodha as a personal advertisement buying current customers. It is a swallow`s agreement to come to the conclusion that money will disappear, since the rules of the game are set by the authorities and discipline must come from us. I recently updated one of the details of my friendship in the “Refer a Client” link on Zerodha`s back office website. But he didn`t get a call for even a week and even under “Reference Status”, I don`t see any details. I had to call zerodha care to call him. 🙁 Nest Mobile works, you can access it from Hi Geeta. I see that your exchange record does not exist. Please write to partner[at]zerodha[dot]com to complete your Exchange registration.

Withdrawals are only processed to exchange registered partners. You can check here If you keep it overnight, nothing will change. Another thing when I checked my commission on Zerodha`s online affiliate portal (, it showed that an amount is deducted as “deduction 1 (10.28%), deduction 2 (4.065%), PF (12%), ESIC (1.75%)”. MCX has not yet provided the clarification published by NSE/BSE. But I suspect they will soon set it up too. The NRML margin will refer to MIS, BO, CO as well as Sir Maine k liye aapke customer service bast Kiya tha but would pay bol rahe h first asp 1060 RS check or balance 9000 aprox aapke reffer income see zerodha jab asp pay karoge tab le lega. fir sir hamara Kya fayda hua Here is my question. Why don`t you like the words promised to customers? I hope this problem is not encountered by other Nulledha customers.

Sir, I`ve had an account in Zerodha for many years, but while waiting for Nest Mobile Trading, I can find out if there`s a chance to launch Nest Mobile, I think it`s a misunderstanding of the circular. Always wait for other brokers to respond. Right now, all other brokers still offer intraday leverage as is. If this is a rule, why do all brokers still rest and have they not said a word about it? Does My Be Zerodha (Nithin) press the panic button a little earlier or does Zerodha complain about other brokers that offer more leverage? Hello, zerodha my name is subhash. Recently, I showed interest in opening an account with you via And I get a call from you and an email with instructions. In the phone conversation with your excutive, he told me, just download the account opening form and sign it and send it to us. (empty form except songs). Is it fair to send a blank form? I referenced 1 person (9903183348). He is interested so far. but another person said that he is the authorized person of Zerodha and collect the my question has it become my refferal or not?? My ID DC0453) If this happens, I will always prefer Zerodha as it is the company as a broker. When banks behave like brokers to buy and sell stocks/securities, they don`t primarily focus on that specific infrastructure and therefore don`t invest heavily in building the latest and greatest platform with “the best UI/UX” while loving the experience I get when I use Zerodha.

It`s amazing and I`m sure you guys at Zerodha will discover things. In addition, I look forward to the US equity investment/trading function. Hi Akilan, our mobile trading platform is already online, visit on your phone, enter the download link. Yes, first refer to the lead here: After that, ask the person to open the Aadhar account. Hi Sir, I want to be a sub-broker for Zerodha. I have a lot of people who want to open an account with zerodha.not only the recommendation, but also I want to set up an office in Bhiwandi Please let me know if it is possible, yes Kannan, because now you have to visit with Internet Explorer. Use the same credentials as Q and you can request a referral revenue withdrawal. I want to transfer my Demat from Ilfs to Zerodha PLS Guide on the other side, my friends account is open and he has been happily trading with ZeroDHA for over 6 months, but his reference is not updated under my account. You can log in to and go to Associate, then refer. 1. If you are having problems opening an account in Zerodha, we can help.

because they are not aware of any information about account opening and trading. 2. I am the administrator of Facebook pages and a group that contains 12000 members. I referred them to participate in Zerodha. And some can join. In this state, I have to contact them to do a word-of-mouth advertisement, and that`s the best thing in this market, as you know. 3. If they need help, they can contact us directly (since in this case we act as Costr Care Executive because we earn 10% of your income) and they can get quick information about the webinars and programs you have conducted.

4. I have personally noticed that some clients do not open trading accounts, they only transmit details to them and due to the delay in the response, it can be reduced by the personal assistance of the one who refers the clients. We can support them because we are familiar with this process. Among the 380 brokers in India, it is very obvious that only Zerodha has gained fans, while the other 379 brokers only acquire clients. good work team `zerodha` and nithin rock you..!! Just go to, click on “Forgot Password” and follow the on-screen instructions. The required margin is not increased, it remains the same as before. If you have used an intraday product type, there is no additional leverage. Regardless of the margin for NRML, the same margin for BO/MIS/CO. Check this for NRML margins. sir, my referrer will work if the customer`s email, phone, and pan are already registered on Zerodha, but they haven`t completed another account opening process. For the above reasons, this can be considered for the necessary measures.

Thank you and yes, we are growing together with Zerodha Dear Nithin Ji My friend (Mr. Rohit Upadhyay Mobile No. 9314766007) asked me about Zerodha and I told him everything about Zerodha to my knowledge and gave contact no. from Nulldha to know more details (I think this was my big mistake because I said everything and gave him the contact number. without his no. on Q-Backoffice under my direction) Because he called Zerodha and now his no. Ad already saved. Anyway, > After that, I downloaded and filled out the application form, this form is in my custody. So Nithin ji please tell me how to add Mr. Rohit upadhyay under the guidance of my customer ID in this state, I will publish this application form next week.

I already have an account with zerodha. I start my financial services business, Can I take over the trader from Zerodha to Chandigarh, if yes, please tell me the procedures, the answer would be estimated 1- I tried to create my account at Zerodha not as a partner but as a trader. I get the error message – “The account with this email address already exists. Log in here. (I used my official email ID when signing up and not the one used here when commenting) 1. How do I enroll in an associate partner program at zerodha? Is training or certification mandatory? 2. I recommended two of my friends through one of your Nulldha representatives. What would be the benefit to me in this case? 3. I use the Kite mobile app, My suggestion is to add Nifty sector indices, which really helps a lot (at the moment I won`t see a loaded index standard). 4.

I have a lot of user-friendly ideas for your app, please contact me. I am happy to share my thoughts with you. Hi Nitin, I recommended 4 of my friends through the zlm program as I am an associate partner. All of them opened and exchanged an account in front of me every day. But it still only shows rs.8 brokerage for the month of Dec.17. How is that possible? Please tell me if I need to add leads or not? Because if it continues, I have to think about it. Currently, I have collected emails and non-mafia. more than 25 potential customers for Zerodha. But, really I am disappointed with your brokerage system for me..!!! Please help Anubhav when you visit this page: you can see an option to generate an affiliate link. However, you will need a customer ID or partner ID with us. Does Zerodha no longer support an associate referral program? Please look into the matter….